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custom array designing
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What is ArrayGen?
ArrayGen is a bioinformatics company based out in pune, the IT BT Capital of India. ArrayGen's focus on Genomics, NGS data analysis, custom array design, microarray data analysis thus cover a vast majority of Bioinformatics applications in the life sciences sector.

When was this company started?
ArrayGen was envisioned in 2009 to revolutionize and transform bioinformatics. ArrayGen offers services which enable readymade solutions to scientific fraternity which saves time and helps them leverage technology to the fullest.

What is the objective of ArrayGen?
To Cater to the academic and industry requirements in the field of Bioinformatics and NGS - Genomics, and remain up-to-date with current research in the domain of the life sciences applications.To Build time-saving, robust and high-quality customized microarrays, and deliver accurate microarray data analysis services.

Who are the people behind ArrayGen?
People behind ArrayGen come from diverse bio-technology and bio-informatics background.

What types of Microarrays are designed by ArrayGen?
ArrayGen provides customized and readymade Microarrays for Gene Expression, Digital Gene Expression, miRNA, Chip-on-chip, DNA Methylation, aCGH/CNV, SNP, Alternative Splicing, Target Capture.  ArrayGen also designs customized arrays to address specific biological problems.

How much time is required to customize Microarrays?
Microarrays design or development is time consuming, determination of the time depends on the complexity of the project. To know the exact time, discuss your project with us - write to us at

What types of NGS data can be analyzed by ArrayGen?
ArrayGen analyses De novo genome and transcriptome assembly, Genome alignment and analysis, Chip-Seq Analysis, Methylome-Seq Analysis, RNA-Seq Analysis, MicroRNA-Seq Analysis, Targeted re-sequencing (Exome-Seq) Analysis, DNA-Seq (Genome variant Detection) Analysis, Mapping, Annotation and Comparative Genomics Analysis (CGA) and Metagenomics Analysis.

How to contact ArrayGen?
If you would like more information drop a message on our website or call us at the numbers provided on Contact Us page.

What is the process followed?
We carry out Requirement Analysis, Preliminary Study Report, Project timeline, Review and Delivery.

What is a Genome Browser?
A Genome browser can be described as an graphical interface used to display information from a biological database for genomic data. These browsers are an useful for researchers and students to scan through. The annoted data includes gene prediction and structure. Protein expression, regulation, variation , comparative analysis etc. Annoted data is usually from multiple diverse sources. They are different from the ordinary biological databases by allowing them to be displayed in a graphical format and obtain different information faster.

What is ANG Genome Browser?
ANG Genome Browser is a visualization tool. It is used to visualize as well as browse entire genome data. This is fast and efficient genome browsing tool. ANG Genome Browser is built for next generation sequencing data analysis. This browser can be used by both Biologists and Bioinformatics. This is a useful tool for researchers as well.

The main features are, it supports many standard file formats such as GFF, BED, GTF, FASTA, VCF, BAM and it can be integrated with other browsers or tools for analysis of genome.

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