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27th, November 2014
3 Days Hands On Training: Bioinformatics For Life sciences

ArrayGen technologies and Biotechnology Society of Nepal together organizing 3 days hands on training in Bioinformatics for life sciences.
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11th, November 2014
ArrayGen Technologies launches a new brochure
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24th, September 2014
ArrayGen and Morph Bioinformatics Partnership

We are proud to announce the strategic partnership with Morph Bioinformatics Limited, a London-based company providing IT solutions to increase an efficiency and productivity of biotech R&D processes. To know more please visit our site at partnerships page.

22nd, August 2014
ArrayGen and Ilife Biotech Partnership

Arraygen Technologies pleased to declare a business partnership with iLife Biotech to co-cultivate advanced research innovations. To know more please visit our site at partnerships page.

5th, August 2014
Updated and added 33 new array designs for Archaea

We have updated the archaea gene expression arrays and 33 new organisms ready to use microarrays are available now. To know more please visit our site at

28th, June 2014
6 months Advanced Dissertation Program For Post Graduate student

ArrayGen Technologies has announced a 6 month dissertation program for post graduate students of life sciences and medical sciences. The program will cover the advanced topics focused on the current industrial needs. The PG students willing to study bioinformatics are lacking behind because of the lacuna between the academic course design and industrial application requirements. Therefore, to nurture the career of students targeting their career in bioinformatics, ArrayGen’s has started the advanced dissertation program for them.

3rd, June 2014
ArrayGen’s new techniques expand the accuracy of NGS sequence data analysis

End-to-end next-generation sequencing biological data analysis requires a diversity of tools covering re-sequencing, de novo assembly, scaffolding, bacterial RNA-Seq, gene annotation and metagenomics. However, the building of computational pipelines that use different software packages is difficult owing to a lack of interoperability, reproducibility and transparency

ArrayGen has developed specifically designed pipelines to build complex, reproducible workflows for next-generation sequencing biological data analysis.

2nd, June 2014
ArrayGen, an emerging firm in novel in-house algorithm development for various bioinformatic tools

There are several key analytic tools to analyze the genomic research data. These tools are observed time consuming with enough accuracy and specificity. The newly started ArrayGen is an emerging firm in the field of bioinformatics, purely working on advanced algorithm development and molecular biological sequence data analysis. The new and advanced algorithms developed by ArrayGen are designed with a focus on high accuracy and specificity.

1st, June 2014
Experience a new standard in NGS bioinformatics

ArrayGen provides an array of NGS Data Analysis services from illumina, 454, SOLID, Ion-Torrent & PacBio. A massive data cause a fundamental problem of management and analysis. ArrayGen’s entire NGS data analysis solutions and data validation process eliminate the next-generation DNA sequencing data management and analysis blockage and provide advanced next-generation bioinformatics visualization capabilities.

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1st, June 2014
Any Array conversion to Agilent platform

ArrayGen provide complete array conversion solutions from designing NimbleGen arrays to Agilent platform. For further enquiry please contact us or write to us at we help you leverage latest technology to unleash present or future biological problems using customized microarrays.

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21st, Nov 2013
Gene Expression Arrays

Gene Expression Arrays is a custom catalog arrays for gene expression application for Agilent platform which covers wide range of organisms ready to use microarrays for archaea, bacteria & eukaryota. The database is updated monthly.The designed arrays can also be used by NimbleGen users.

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15th, Aug 2013
ArrayGen initiated catalog microarray designing

ArrayGen has developed the catalog microarrays of several genomic data arrays with high specificity and high accuracy. The raw data can be analyzed in short period of time with client’s complete satisfaction. There are several catalog microarrays are ready on site e.g. Gene Expression, Chip-on-chip, DNA Methylation, aCGH / CNV, SNP + CGH, Target Capture Arrays, NGS Disease Gene Panels. ArrayGen provides a quick report and response regarding the high quality microarrays chip development. There are quite a few catalog microarrays in pipeline to be established in ArrayGen.

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