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custom array designing
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The ArrayGen VarCaller is a standalone GUI tool, developed by ArrayGen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This is a fast and an efficient variation detection,where any number of fasta sequence can be processed. The program was developed using Flask Framework, html, css, bootstrap, data processing and visualisation modules like pandas, seaborn, matplotlib etc.
ArrayGen VarCaller was built for variation calling from BLAST alignment format. It is platform independent and much simpler to use and it saves time.
Features of ArrayGen VarCaller

The main features are, it support BLAST alignment output format

  • BLAST alignment output format (It only accept alignment format)

  • Multiple Fasta BLAST results can be processed simultaneously

  • Anyone interested to process 1000 PCR product and 1000 of mutation detection its now more easy with ArrayGen VarCaller

  • Also implemented with mutation pathogenicity detection using Provean

  • Complete Graphical user interface

  • Results can be viewed using HTML view as well as can be exported in Excel

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