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BICP Program

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Bioinformatics Industrial Certificate Program

Program Overview

Accelerating an automation in bioinformatics to reduce biological problem that improves Human Value and Accessible Everyone!
BICP mainly for life scientist and computer scientist to increase their serendipity to understand multi-disciplinary to make automate process by using bioinformatics approach.

Program Design

  • Duration: 6 Months
  • 2 Months to become an expert in Genomics Bioinformatics and Programming(Java/Perl/Python)
  • 4 Months to become an expert to run Live NGS Genomics Project

For First 2 Months

  • Developing Algorithm for Bioinformatics Research in Next Generation Sequencing
  • Deep Understanding Programming Language for Biological Researcher/Computer Scientist.
  • Basic Level to understand Next Generation Sequencing to Advanced Level.

For next 4 Months to became an expert to run Live NGS Project

  • Get more time to discuss to resolve your query for data analysis problem.
  • The live competitive project can handle and get the experience in Next Generation Sequencing.
  • Became on independent to write NGS Pipeline
  • Get closer experience with industrial experience.
  • Get equip with 100% skills development in Bioinformatics
  • Get maximum support for publication

Mode of BICP Program (Online/Offline)

For Online Program

Our Online Program is same as Offline Program. For online program you need to have good internet speed in your computer and need to install Skype, AnyDesk ( which helps you to connect your computer to our computer for one to one interaction . Moreover, candidates will get full time support during BICP program.

For Offline Program

For Offline Program you need to come to our Pune office and along with your own laptop. For accomodation we will help you to find PG near to company please write email to us at

Advantages of BICP Program

  • This BICP will definitely help you to upgrade Bioinformatics Skills to compete market.
  • This will open the door to access the chance internationally to get the job/Phd positions/Research positions.
  • This would achieve 100% chance for Non-Bioinformaticians expose their real-time experience in Bioinformatics and increase their potency.

Bioinformatics sample project titles:

  • Identification of differentially expressed genes from RNA-seq data followed by codon usage bias analysis
  • Novel miRNA prediction based on NGS data, EST and genomic sequences
  • Gene expression analysis based on single cell RNA-seq data (scRNA-seq)
  • Identification of over-represented and under-represented regulatory motifs
  • Detection of alternatively spliced transcript variants playing role in disease progression
  • Metagenomic analysis of fungi, bacteria and Bacteriophages
  • CRISPR-Cas systems for editing, regulating and targeting genomes
  • Vaccine design based on epitope/peptide
  • Development of software tools for understanding biological data
  • De novo design of inhibitors of protein-protein interactions


A student is also welcome to propose his or her own project designed on the following specialized topics:

  • Gene and protein sequence analysis
  • Micro array chip designing and data analysis
  • NGS data analysis (WGS, RNA-seq, DNA-seq, Chip-seq, exome sequencing analysis, metagenomic)
  • Codon usage bias analysis
  • MicroRNA
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Comparative genomics
  • CRISPER genome editing
  • Long non-coding RNA
  • Immunoinformatics
  • Algorithm development (perl/java/python)
  • Any custom topics as per candidate interest

Features of 6-Months BICP Program

  • Hands on practical & Get Training from industrial experts with 9+ years of experience.
  • Total industrial knowledge & One to one interactive.
  • Company experience letter will be Provided after completion of BICP Program.
  • All the trainings are based on industrial requirements and 100% skill development.
  • After the BICP program all the student will be self suffcient to carry out independent execution which assures 100 placement to any company, or JRF/SRF/PhD.

Fee Structure for BICP Program

## 20% Discount if you register before 25 September , 2023. Hurry up!!

Fees Structure For Indian Candidate

Total Fee :   INR 1,50,000

Fees Structure For International Candidate

  Total Fee :   USD 2058







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