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  Biopython for Biologists !!!
Python is a powerful high-level, object-oriented programming language and It is simple easy-to-use syntax, making it the perfect language for someone trying to learn computer programming for the first time. The advantage of python usage in bioinformatics is the availability of libraries and third-party toolkits which extend the functionality of the core language into virtually every biological domain (sequence and structure analysis, phylogenomic, workflow management systems, etc.)

BioPython is a set of freely available tools which are developed for biological computation written in python programming language. The central object in bioinformatics is the sequence, hence the main purpose of BioPython is to develop python libraries and applications which address the need of current and future work in bioinformatics. So, taking into consideration , we have designed our bioPython course.

Participants will be introduced with its applicability to real-time programming problem solving. All our training content is as per industrial requirement and 100% practical exposure which will help candidate to make their better career in the field of programming and bioinformatics.

More than 300+ candidates have taken this course and have successfully build their career in Programming and Bioinformatics .

Hurry up and register soon...To become expert in Programming !

Training Information
Period of Training Offline - 15 Days Training   [ 2 Hours Daily [ Monday To Friday ] ]
Online - 15 Days Training   [ 2 Hours Daily [ Monday To Friday ] ]
Registration Open

(Training can be started on any date any timing as per the candidate convenience)

**Our training is one to one and training can also be started anytime and anydate as per the candidate convenience.

** Weekend Batches are also available as per the request
Module - I Python
Topics - Introduction to Python and discussion
- Why we Program? What Makes Python Special?
- Using the Python Interpreter
- Invoking the Interpreter
- Argument Passing
- Interactive Mode
- Hello World
- Numbers
- Characters(strings)
- List
- Tuples
- Dictionary
- Conditions and expressions
- ‘while’ loop and usage
- ‘for’ loop and its usage
- Inbuild functions and Defining a function
- Writing script and building body structure
- Multiple scripts integration
- File handling
- Reading, writing and deleting files using python
- Reading data from fasta, faa, txt, xlsx, tsv, csv etc generated in genomic work flow.
- Data calculation, manipulation and representation (Building custom scripts for genomics)
- Creating the pipeline for big data management (make your own custom tool)
- PIP and external module installation
Module - II Biopython
Topics - Introduction to BioPython
- Installation of BioPython
- Understanding and Operations on Sequence Object
- Translation and Transcription of sequence
- Finding percent GC of Seuqence
- Running online blast using biopython
- Handling blast output file using biopython
- Parsing biological file formats (fasta, genbank ...)
- Accessing and retrieving data from online biological databases
- Generalized usage and understanding of BioPython body structure
- Genome visualization using biopython(GenomeDiagram)
EligibilityB.Tech. / B.Sc. / M.Tech. / M.Sc. in Biological Science, Computer science, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Molecular biology, Medicine, clinical research and other relevant Qualification in the life sciences areas are eligible.
CertificateAll the participants will receive certificates on successful completion of training
PlaceArrayGen, Pune, India


The workshops and training programs can be held on-site at the client’s location or online one to one.

If you want to conduct a Seminar or Workshop or short-term Training in Bioinformatics, Bio-IT, Next Generation Sequencing, Genomics, etc. at your College/ University/ Conference then feel free to write to us at

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