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custom array designing
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Computer Aided Drug Designing

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  Good News For Researchers !!!
A workshop for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers coming with their own real data sets will get the training and their data analysis done at considerable discount. After this course they will be able to analyze their own data and create ready-to-publish graphics.

Goals :

Computer aided drug designing workshop will provide hands on training on structure and target based design, molecular modeling, quantum mechanics, drug likeness properties, QSAR and pharmacokinetic and dynamics

Participants will be introduced with its applicability to real-time data analysis problem. All our training content is as per industrial requirement and 100% practical exposure which will help candidate to make their better career in the field of bioinformatics.

Hurry up and register soon...To become expert in Bioinformatics !

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Computer Aided Drug Designing(CADD) Training Program

Training Information
Period of Training Offline - 21 Days Training   [ 2 Hours Daily [ Monday To Saturday ] ]
Online - 21 Days Training   [ 2 Hours Daily [ Monday To Saturday ] ]
Registration Open
(Training can be started on any date any timing as per the candidate convenience)
Module - I Ligand based drug design (Pharmacophore design)
Topics - Introduction and process layout
- Understanding file formats (sdf,mol,pdb)
- Collection of primary key data
- Pharmacophore preparation
- Chemical Library preparation based on Pharmacophore
- Insilico Screening (ADME)
- Toxicity screening
- QSAR(Quantitative structure-activity relationship) Databases – Pubchem, Drugbank, ZincPharmar etc
-Tools - OpenBabel, DiscoveryStudio, KNIME, Marvin Sketch, etc
Module - II Structure based drug design (target-ligand docking)
Topics - Introduction and process layout
- Data mining, literature study and acquisition of target structure Databases- NCBI, PDB, RCSB, UNIPROT, Modbase
- Comparative modeling of protein (Homology modeling) *target structure not available
- Server based –PHYRE, RaptorX, SWISSMODEL, I-TASSER etc
- Software based–Modeller(standalone)
- Protein structure validation
- Ramachandran plot assessment –RAMPAGE,Pdbsum , Procheck and Profiles3d
- Molecular Docking (AutoDockTools)(file to file command explanation)
- Active site Pocket identification -MetaPocket, CastP etc
- Protein and ligand preparation
- Setting grid parameters and Docking parameters
-Setting up docking on command line
-Docking analysis (based on binding energy, h_bonds, electrostatic interaction, hydrophobic interaction etc)
-ADT (*Auto Dock vina for multiple ligands)
-BINANA (BINding ANAlyser)
- Pdbsum
Building protein-ligand complex and visualization (publication standard)
Report construction
Topics - Protein Data Bank (PDB), RCSB, UNIPROT
- Relationship between sequence and 3D structure of a protein
- Alignment of protein sequences for homology modeling
- Needleman-Wunsch alignment method
- Multiple sequence alignments (MSA)
- Homology modeling of proteins
- Refinement of the homology model
- Model validation
- Simulation using GROMACS
Eligibility B.Sc/B.Tech/M.Tech. / M.Sc. /Ph.D /PostDocs/Any Life Sciences in Biological Science, Computer science, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Molecular biology, Medicine, clinical research and other relevant Qualification in the life sciences areas are eligible.
Certificate All the participants will receive certificates on successful completion of training
Place ArrayGen, Pune, India


Registration is now open please request to sign up to reserve your place! If you are interested, you can mail us at We hope to see you in this new year. Dont miss this opportunity.

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