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List of Global Genomics Companies

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List of few genomics bioinformatics company worldwide have been collected for other resource in bioinformatics.
Please write us at If you want to add your company name in our directory.

Company Location
Description/Business type
BioDiscovery, In El Segundo, CA, USA
Developing modular software packages for the analysis of high-throughput microarray and next-generation sequencing data processing and developing a powerful, versatility, efficiency Platforms advanced analysis of Copy Number Variation (CNV) data and expression data.

Biotique Systems, Inc Parkway Reno, NV, USA
Developing large scale application with advanced genetic technology to support agriculture, health care, and diagnostic organizations. they have developed a different variety of suites for Analysis of Gene Expression, pathway, Alternative splice variant and ortholog detection, biomarker and SNP analysis.

Illumina Inc. San Diego, CA, USA
Manufacturer of integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and biological function. Illumina provides various numbers of services for genomics and proteomics from sequencing, genotyping and gene expression analysis. Various products from illumina enabled researchers to explore DNA at an entirely new scale, helped them create the first map of gene variations associated with health, disease, and drug response.

Pacific Biosciences Menlo Park, CA, USA
Manufacturer of sequencer systems “PacBio RS” PacBio Sequencing Systems and Single molecule real time sequencing (SMRT). Pacific Bioscience also provides unique platforms deliver a comprehensive view of genomes, transcriptomes, epigenomes for wide variety of life forms.

OxfordNanopore Technologies Oxford Science Park, Oxford, United Kingdom
Designer and developer for Nao sized sequencing products like DNA Sequencer, MinION etc. they designed and manufactured a popular product like Portable Protein sequencing USB device, VolTRAX an automated sample preparation device. and SmidgION a mobile phone sequencer.

GENEWIZ South Plainfield, NJ
Genomics service company. GENEWIZ provides Full-service to Sanger sequencing, Gene synthesis, Molecular Genetics, Next Generation Sequencing, Bioinformatics, Cloning & Mutagenesis, Plasmid DNA Preparation, Oligo Synthesis Services and GLP regulatory and clinical services.

Eagle genomics Hinxton,Cambridge,CB,UK
Software developer and service company, they created a smart data management platform for the Scientist and other health care professionals. they provide specialised service in Metagenomics, Human Genomics and Translational Research.

SOPHiA GENETICS SA Saint Sulpice,Switzerland
Health tech company. Developed SOPHiA Artificial Intelligence, the universal and innovative technology for clinical genomics. they facilitate the rapid adoption of worldwide genomic testing, turning data into actionable clinical insights and develops Data-Driven Medicine.

23andme Evelyn Mountain View, CA , USA
Personal genetics company, dedicated to serve individuals to understand their own genetic information through DNA analysis technologies and web-based interactive tools. 23andMe has vision to develop a personalize healthcare through genetic research.

IBM Watson Genomics Armonk, New York,US
Software company developing the specialized software for improving the safety of medicines, drug therapies. they Provide the Comprehensive Services and solutions for accelerating Drug discovery with the real-time clinical values. IBM Watson provides the services for Drug Discovery, Social Program Management, Oncology, Patient Care management

Deep Genomics Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genomic company developed an artificial intelligence Platform to support the geneticists, molecular biologists and chemists. Company also beliefs that the future of medicines depends on artificial intelligence. They are building an Artificial intelligence to build an advanced genetics therapies.

Verge Genomics San Francisco, CA
Next generation Biopharmaceutical company using the very advanced approach by machine learning and human genomic data for Drug Discovery.

deCODE genetics Reykjavik, Iceland
deCODE genetics, a genomic company. Using unique expertise and population resources, deCODE has discovered genetic risk factors for dozens of common diseases.

Rosetta Genomics Philadelphia, PA
Molecular diagnostics company, it uses the integrative research platform combining bioinformatics and state-of-the art laboratory processes has led to the discovery of hundreds of biologically validated novel human microRNAs. Rosetta develops and commercializes a range of proprietary microRNA-based tests, including RosettaGX Reveal and RosettaGX Cancer Origin, as well as other molecular diagnostic assays

BGI Copenhagen N, Denmark
BGI Genomics provides a wide range of next generation sequencing services and genomics Services. they also provide services with bio-informatics research and development, large scale computing infrastructure for data output and storage, and proprietary sequencing platforms.



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