Custom Genomics Services

Bioinformatics analysis of sequencing data ranges from processing sequencing reads from an sequencing machine to data analysis and deep mining of data across multiple sample types. Data analysis can be of three broad stages of primary, secondary and tertiary analysis. Whether you just want to have your sequence data analyzed or need help setting up a custom reproducible analysis pipeline or custom scripts or publication type if figures/tables we are highly industry expert to deliver all custom based services.We provide services to global and Arraygen is first choice for all researchers with the quality report.We provide NGS custom data Analysis for all platform illumina,ion torrent,Long reads pacbio and nanopore.We work with all kingdom either Eukaryote/Prokaryote/Archaea.


Below is the list of all Custom genomics services we undertake or you can write us at if you have different requirement other than mentioned :

Custom Service Description Price


We Identify differentially expressed and significant genes from RNA-seq data either reference based or denovo based. Our workflow includes QC clean up, removal of ribosomal RNA contamination followed by denovo or reference based mapping. RPKM/FPKM-based quantitation and functional annotation. GO and pathway enrichment analysis along with different plots - Heatmap and volcano plot


Exome Analysis

Variation detection from raw data. QC raw read and mapping using standared program. Variation calling using different programs as variation annotation and vizualization. CNv calls / somatic as well as germline pipeline. It is as per the FDA approved pipeline.



We provide whole genome wide methylation and unmethylation detection from raw data. Methylation call as well as Hyper methylated and Hypomethylated. % of methylation and annotation as well as vizualization. We also provide differential methylation as well as different plots heatmap/volcanoplots/dendograms/PCA etc. GO and Pathway enrichment analysis.


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