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custom microarray designing
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ArrayGen Technologies Completed Projects

1. Development of Gene Expression Microarrays for more than 1500 organism

2. Custom development of JBrowse visualization Tool

3. Development of automated shell script for exome data analysis pipeline

4. Development of Gene cluster hovering algorithm from multigene BLAST output

5. Development of BLAST similarity HeatMap algorithm from BLAST output

6. Completed workshop in Bioinformatics in Nepal (BSN) and Fergusson College,pune

7. Completed online/offline bioinformatics training to more than 10 participants

8. Development of custom CGH arrays for screening oncogene rearrangement in Czech cancer project

many more ...

ArrayGen Technologies Ongoing Projects

1. Development of algorithm for LAMP PCR primers designing for whole genome/gene/any regions

2. Development of Genome browser for Exome data analysis

3. Development of GUI based automated Exome data analysis Tool

4. Bioinformatics metagenomic data analysis from water sample

5. De novo genome assembly of yeast

many more ...

ArrayGen Technologies Inhouse projects

1. ANG Genome Browser

ArrayGen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a global Genomics service provider. Here one can find solutions for Genomics, Bioinformatics, algorithm development and data analysis.

ArrayGen focuses on Genomics, NGS data analysis, custom array design, microarray data analysis thus covering a majority of Bioinformatics applications in life sciences sector.

ANG Genome Browser is a visualization tool. It is used to visualize as well as browse entire genome data. This is fast and efficient genome browsing tool. ANG Genome Browser is built for next generation sequencing data analysis. This browser can be used by both Biologists and Bioinformatics. This is a useful tool for researchers as well.

Developed At:ArrayGen Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Developed By: Mr.Mohasin Mujawar(Jordan)
  Mr.Rushikesh Kesarkar.
  Mr.Raj Nagargoje
  Mr.Pankaj Deshmukh.
  Mr.Pankaj Pandey.
  Mr.Santosh Zirpe

2.ExomPipeline Tool

3. ArrayGen VarCaller

The ArrayGen VarCaller is a standalone GUI tool, developed by ArrayGen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This is a fast and an efficient variation detection,where any number of fasta sequence can be processed. The program was developed using Flask Framework, html, css, bootstrap, data processing and visualisation modules like pandas, seaborn, matplotlib etc. ArrayGen VarCaller was built for variation calling from BLAST alignment format. It is platform independent and much simpler to use and it saves time.


ArrayGen introduces its new service for the custom script development throughout globe. Programming can be done using Perl/Python/Java. Anyone interested to develop tools /software/databases/any publication report generation and if needed programming skilled support we request you to contact us at email or call us on mobile +91-9673625446.

Also, we have started depositing some free scripts for public use and we will be adding more scripts soon. Hope the ready to use script will help all researchers or any life science professional to use in there research work.

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