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Sequencing Services

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Sequencing Services

ArrayGen provides reliable, high quality Sequencing services to researchers at academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and private & government institutions. ArrayGen is providing Industry-leading customer service, high-quality results, many extra add-ons, stringent quality control, custom data analysis till publication and quick turnaround times at competitive prices make ArrayGen the partner of choice for researchers worldwide.

Bacterial Pathogen PCR Test:
MTB Quantitative Real Time PCR
MTB Quantitative Real Time PCR
Toxoplasma Qualitative Real Time PCR
MOTT/MTC Differentiation Test
Viral Pathogen PCR Test:
Qualitative Assay
HBV Qualitative Real Time PCR
HCV Qualitative Real Time PCR
HIV-I RNA Qualitative Real Time PCR
HSV Qualitative Real Time PCR
Rubella Qualitative Real Time PCR
CMV Qualitative Real Time PCR
Chlymadia Qualitative Real Time PCR
HPV Qualitative Real Time PCR
Quantitative Assay
HBV Quantitative Real Time PCR
HCV Quantitative Real Time PCR
HIV-I Quantitative Real Time PCR
Karyotyping Test:
Lymphocyte Culture for Karyotyping
Fragile X Syndrome
Chromosome Breakage Syndrome
High Resolution Chromosome Study (HRCS Single)
High Resolution Chromosome Study (HRCS Double)
Buccal Mucosa for X-Y Study
Genetic Study
Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization Test:
Trisomy 12
Trisomy 8
Chromosome 21
Chromosome 13, 18, 21, X & Y
Chromosome 13 & 21
Chromosome 18, X & Y
Torch Panel Test:
Advanced Genome Analysis Test:
Hepatitis B Virus Core Test
Hepatitis C Genotyping
Hepatitis B Virus Drug Test
MTB Drug Resistance Genotyping Test
Viral Load And Genotyping Test:
Quantitative and Genotyping
Quantitative and Genotyping
Quantitative and Genotyping
Genetic Analysis PCR Test:
HLA Typing
BCR/ABL Qualitative
BCR/ABL Quantitative
PML/RARA Qualitative
Cancer Genetics Test:
Methotrexate Mutation Analysis
Azothiopurine Mutation Analysis
Oxaliplatin Response Prediction
Irinotecan Response Prediction
EGFR Mutation Analysis Test
C-KIT Assay (C-KIT)
Kinase Domain Mutation Analysis
BRAF Mutation Analysis Test
Predictive Genetic Test:
Diabetes Predictive Genetics Test
Osteoporosis Predictive Genetics Test
Cardiac Health Predictive Genetics Test
Genodermatology Test:
Finasteride Response Predictive Genetics Test
Hair Loss Predictive Genetics Test for Men
Hair Loss Predictive Genetics Test for Women
Aesthetic Genetics Test:
Human Congenital Disorder Test:
DNA Sequencing:
DNA Sequencing Single Pass
Purification and Sequencing
Plasmid isolation and sequencing-single pass
Plasmid isolation and sequencing-double pass
Gel elution and sequencing
PCR optimization and sequencing
Sequence assembly
Manual Base Calling
DNA & RNA Oligonucleotides
Custom DNA Sequencing
DNA Cloning:
Cloning services up to 500 bp
Cloning services up to 500-1500 bp
Cloning services up to 1500-2500bp
Cloning services 2500- 3500 bp
Full length cDNA cloning services
Custom development of DNA molecular weight markers /ladders
Development of SCAR primers
Bacterial Identification:
Bacterial Identification based on 16S rDNA polymorphism (500 bases)
Bacterial Identification based on 16S rDNA polymorphism (full length)
Actinomycetes Identification
Identification of Bacteria (upto 10 Nos.)
Identification of Bacteria (upto 100 Nos.)
Fungal Identification:
Fungal Identification based on D2-LSU (28S) rRNA gene polymorphism (500 bases) (FSEQ1)
DNA Fingerprinting:
Site Directed Mutagenesis:
Pathogen Detection:
T-RFLP Services (Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism):
Microbial diversity analysis using Terminal RFLP of amplified 16S rDNA from environmental sample (t-RFLP16S)
Microbial diversity analysis using Terminal RFLP of amplified 18S rDNA from environmental sample (t-RFLP18S)
Microbial diversity analysis using Terminal RFLP of amplified 16S rDNA and 18S rDNA from environmental sample (t-RFLP)
Plant DNA Ploidy Analysis:
Algal And Cyanobacterial Identification Services:
K-RAS Mutation Detection:
FU Genotyping and Toxicity Test:
TPMT Genotyping and Toxicity Test:
JAK2 V617F Mutation Detection Test:
FLT3 Mutation Detection Test:
Genetic Disease Test
Milk Production Trait Test
Animal Karyotyping
Paternity Testing
Brucellosis Detection PCR Test
Genome Sequencing
RNA-seq De-novo
RNA-seq Refseq
Whole Genome metagenomics
Small RNA Profiling
Targeted sequencing
16S rRNA metagenome sequencing
Whole Exome Sequencing
Viral genomes and plasmids
Transcriptome sequencing
Resequencing & amplicons
Advanced Bioinformatics Analysis
SNP genotyping
Sequencing based genotyping
Genome wide association studies (GWAS)
Human identification
Copy number variation
Gene expression services

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