custom array designing
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Custom SNP Microarrays | ArrayGen
custom array designing
SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) array is a microarray hybridization-based technique used to detect polymorphisms within a population. At ArrayGen, we help you to design high density probes for SNP study which would help in identifying genome-wide patterns of allelic imbalance.

Genome-wide tiling arrays covers both coding and non-coding SNP regions

Genome-wide tiling arrays only for coding non-synonymous SNPs

Validate known and novel SNPs from next generation sequencing (NGS) data using microarrays

Arrays designed according to SNP regions of interest to the customer

High density tiling probes from our in-house developed novel propritary tool which ensures 100% quality arrays

25-mer probe length

Probe selection based on %TM, %GC, PolyX, Self hyb, high hybridization specificity, unique to target and nonoverlaping

Removal of probes in repeat regions

Removal of probes mapping to multiple genomic locations

We design eight probes per SNP target. 4 probes in sense and 4 probes in antisense with each middle base change with respect to reference base.

Complete annotation to all designed probes for fast and easy data interpretation

High confidence in the design of your arrays

We focus on quality assurance followed by quality control process of array design

Maximum flexibility in array content and format to identify genome-wide expression levels of thousands of genes

Ensures highest level of coverage, uniformity, specificity and sensitivity of your arrays

Quick turnaround time from 3 days to a week

Cost-effective formats for your array designing

Complete support on array designing services

  • Human ClinVar SNP Genotyping 4x44K Array

  • Arabidopsis SNP Genotyping 1x1M SNP Array

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