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custom array designing
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ArrayGen comprises of a team of experts and consultants who have more than a decade of experience in Bioinformatics, Genomics, Microarray Technologies, CADD , Custom Array Design and Next Generation Sequencing projects.

Being a core life-sciences technological company, we value young, talented and skilled professionals who are looking to develop their domain skills further by working on client project requirements; developing products; building algorithms; or analyzing data as part of a live customer project.

At ArrayGen, we recruit young or experienced professionals to strengthen our existing team. If you are a budding bioinformatician, software developer (or programmer), or a life-sciences data analyst, contact us to find out about projects or employment prospects. If you're an industry expert or a consultant, contact us to find out how you can collaborate with us.

  Senior Scientist | Bioinformatics & Genomics Head | Founder & CEO at ArrayGen
Rajesh Mahato
Email ID:
Mobile No:+91 9673625446
Skype ID: arraygen

Mr. Rajesh Mahato is a Master in Bioinformatics from University of Pune, India with more than 13+ years of industrial experience in Genomic and Proteomics Bioinformatics. Currently he has joined as Phd Scholar at Biotechnology Department, Siksha 'O' Anusandhan University, Bhubaneswar. He has completed his Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology from Bangalore University in India. He has worked in the corporate and fast-tracked world of Bioinformatics over a year and following the experience he gained he began ArrayGen Technologies in Pune.

His objective was to improve the face of bioinformatics in India. With the increasing demands in the field of bioinformatics he aims to spread his expertise in the field of microarray, CADD and next generation sequencing. The other research areas being Genome assembly, Transcriptome assembly, Genome variation detection, Genome annotation, Gene expression, RNA Seq, Alternate splicing, CGH, Chip-on-chip, Chip-Seq, DNA Methylation, miRNA, SNP, Targeted resequencing panels are an asset for ArrayGen's growth and success.

He has good experience in managing projects based on custom Microarray design, Docking and genomic data analysis, database management and in data mining as well as algorithm development.

  Genomics Business Development Head/ Expert in Bioinformatics & Microbiology
Guddi Mahto
Email ID:
Mobile No:+91 2025395446

Guddi Mahto, MSc in Microbiology from Pune University, Pune, India. She is always interested in genomics and she handled projects related to bioinformatics.

She is currently handling business development for both national and International clients for ArrayGen. She is always ready to put all her energy and time to get the job done in time. She has an exceptional talent of handling prospects as well clients. Her focus keeps everything moving smoothly, and makes sure that whatever she is working on meets the highest standards.