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We are extremely proud of the outstanding level of training we provide, the quality of our trainers and our diverse range of courses in Advance Bioinformatics, Microarray and Next generation sequencing for all Life Sciences. As proof of our success and in the search for continuous improvement we receive feedback from every delegate that takes part in our online/offline Bioinformatics Training course. Here you can read testimonials from our delegates about quality bioinformatics training.

  Ph.D., Central University Of Kashmir
Ravail Singh

It was an amazing experience with entire team of ArrayGen. The teachers are really knowledge full and well experienced. I highly recommend everyone whoever is interested in bioinformatics.

  M.Sc. systems biology,Panjab university, Chandigarh
Abhishek Sharma

Best place to learn advance and fundamental s of bioinformatics .Contents specially emphasize on research oriented learning system.

  M.Sc. (Genomics), Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

I would highly recommend this course to all the aspirants looking for a research career in Bioinformatics. The staff is very helpful no matter what your problem is they will find a suitable solution for you. The teachers are skilled and will make your basics strong on bioinformatics. Thank you Arraygen technologies for giving the best hands on training on NGS data analysis.

  Ph.D., Department of Biotechnology,Jharkhand
Preenon Bagchi

I did short term training in this organization. I linked the training very much. Management & staffs are very cooperative and resourceful. I learnt the analysis of genome data in a much better manner here. The lab is equipped with complete resources in the area of genome analysis. All the best to the team.

  Master of Computer science, Sidra Medicine
Mohamed Alfaki

Highly recommended, helpful, collaborative and professional instructors .

Reshma Patil

The training is very useful for those who want to do NGS analysis. The staff is very approachable and knowledgeable to make you understand the concepts thoroughly

  Ph.D. In Biotechnology, NIPB, IARI pusa campus, New Delhi

Thanks for considering my internet issues and still being so calm and patient. Also, finished all the modules without any hassles with clarification of all my doubts. Last but not the least also considered my customization. Really thanks once again to one and all to your team.

  Ph.D., Department of Biotechnology, Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu.
Rajeev Meora

I profusely express my since thanks to all the members of Arraygen Pvt. Ltd. for their timely response and valuable time. I enjoyed my nearly one month journey with your esteemed organisation and will suggest other research scholars and graduates to join you.

  Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina
Dr. Gaston Zolla

The Training helped me to improve my understanding in NGS to squeeze my Lupinus data RNA-Seq to get best results. I have been learned advanced bioinformatics especially in the area of bioinformatics. All the session has been conducted on-time and finished with deadline. The quality of teaching in programming is superb and it stimulates for research and development in NGS.

  Associate Professor, Aljouf university, Sakaka, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Samy A Selim

A very good quality training, professional organization - the training was carefully prepared and thought out. This course is of much more benefit to my professional career.

  B.Tech Bioinformatics, Amity university Rajasthan
Rahul Porwal

I found arraygen as a very good bioinformatics company; I found a very friendly environment in my training tenure of 90 days. They uses recent and advance algorithms to sort out biological issues. They provided me all facilities to learn new things and their guidance was well. When I joined; I was unknown to many of topics now I am bit good in bioinformatics after taking training at arraygen.

  B.Tech & M.Tech Bioinformatics, Amity university Rajasthan
Monobina Bhattacharya

The training provided was excellent and i learnt allot from the training specially about bioinformatics field.

  MSc Biotechnology, Greater Amman Municipality, Jordan
Mohammad Ibrahim AL-Thamra

I am so pleasure to present my experience in training with ArrayGen, i got several courses and several trainings in bioinformatics, however this is the first time i got knowledge and new information about genomics and application from highly qualified and specialized trainers, and advice any body to get training in ArrayGen because will be get the best way to learn bioinformatics and its applications in analysis, verifying and presenting of results, finally i want to thanks full Dr. Rajesh for his great efforts in helping me in understanding bioinformatics, and how to analyze and verifying data come from microarray, and in Next generation sequencing.

  Assistant Professor, Fergusson College
Nandini Kotharkar

The workshop was wonderful and provided the student with the insights about the opportunities in Genomics and Bioinformatics.

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics, Pondicherry
Malarvizhi Selvaraj

Training has added value to my knowledge and skills. This interactive sessions have been pretty helpful for my career growth. this is great place to learn NGS and Microarray technologies.

  Biotechnology Masters Student at The American University of Cairo
Sherouk Abou Allam

I received online training by Arraygen. The sessions are requisites for any bioinformatician. I recommend them very much. The trainer is professional and patient. If there is another advanced level I will definitely register for.

  PhD Student at Department of Human Genetic at Saarland University, Germany
Hiresh Ayoubian

I would like to thanks Mr. Rajesh Mahato for providing such an excellent training program in Bioinformatic, I highly recommend this course for those who wants to start learning or expanding their bioinformatic knowledge.

  PhD Student at University of Otago, Dunedin, NewZealand
Jyoti Motwani

Thank you for this training. I enjoyed the learning phase during these 10 days in Advanced Bioinformatics and DNA Methylation data analysis. Mr. Rajesh Mahato is very dedicated trainer and has helped me learn fine technicalities during this period. Hands on training was very helpful. Good luck to entire ArrayGen team. Thank you very much for your time and help.

  NIMS University, Jaipur Rajasthan
Rahul Kharade

It was good to learn bioinformatics/ NGS/ microarrays. All training was as per industry standards. I have learnt many new things in my one month training program. I wish students and researchers pursuing in this field must attend this training.

  CSIR - NCL, Pune
Dr. Ramya Prashant

A good overview of the field and its applications. An introduction to various tools and methods given in the course will be useful for students and researchers.

  B.Tech Bioinformatics, DY Patil University, Mumbai
Mrunal Dehankar

Very helpful for clearance of basic concepts of bioinformatics. Provided a strong base for understanding NGS and Microarray techniques. Trainers are helpful in clearing doubts and very friendly environment. The training was very helpful for my further research and happy to get another 3 months opportunities to work as internship at ArrayGen.

  Ph.D (Genetics and Plant Breeding) at University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad

The programme given is very much relevant to my qualification and the quality of training is of good standard and the way the trainers provide the training is of high standard and with patience the trainer trains the trainee and clears all the queries of the trainee. It is worth to get training from these trainers. I am very much happy with the training. Thank you !!

  Ph.D at BRAVE Grantee, UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Milano, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,Italy

I would like to thanks Mr. Rajesh Mahato for providing affordable and excellent training program in Bioinformatic. I highly recommend this course for those who wants to know more about basic knowledge and applicable part in the bioinformatics.

  Ph.D Bioinformatics at Bharathiar University
Dr. Lisina.K.V

The training was a great experience, good discussions. It was really useful and informative for me. It helped to enhance my understanding in Bioinformatics. Good luck to the whole team and Special thanks.

  MSc in virology, NIV, Pune
Amogh Auti

The course syllabus is good. Graphic interpretation and representation was the best part I learnt. Overall good experience.

  Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Biotechnology
Nirman Nepal

The training will have great impact on my career. My further research projects are focused on transcriptomics. Although I have little background knowledge on bioinformatics, after training I am able to analyze the global gene expression profiling with ease. I would like to extend my appreciation towards Arraygen family especially Rajesh Mahato, Pallavi and Purva for good mentoring. Thank you!!!

  IISC Bangalore, Supercomputer Education & Research Center
Komal Saxena

As far as I observed this is one of the most sincere trainers I have ever been with to learn computational Biology. I gained much of confidence in myself to work on Bioinformatics tools independently. The CEO of company teaches superb and is very considerate about proper schedules.

  Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
Alafiatayo Akinola Adekoya

The online training with ArrayGen was wonderful, the bioinformatics topics were thought with details examples and self-practice. I will surely recommended ArrayGen training to any budding scientist who will be interested in learning Genomics and Bioinformatics. There trainers are patient and understanding. Keep it up ArrayGen ! Thank you.

  Department of Veterinary Medicine, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
Dr. Omkar Byadgi

Overall, I enjoyed the training and learnt a lot from the staff of your company. Personally I feel it is a good idea to organize an online training on NGS and RNA-seq. Since, my background is more on biology and Immunology, I appreciate the way your staff helped me to understand the concepts. I wish you all the very best and I hope we can work together on transcriptome (which is my interest) in near the future.

  BSc(biotechnology),Bangalore University
Hema S.K.

I would like to thank ArrayGen team for their guidance. Content of the course was interesting and it was well taught. Being from biotech background, I learnt new information in genomics and bioinformatics and its applications in data analysis, result interpretation which has enhanced my bioinformatics skills.I enjoyed this session very much. Thank you very much. Mumbai)
Gopalkrishnan Kumar

Thank you so much for the precious online bioinformatics training. The Professors are outstanding. You are the best company and an outstanding bioinformatics resource outlook.

  The Ohio State University
Ola A Elgamal

Most challenging part in cancer research is the ability to utilize what is publically available, most large data sets require a degree of bioinformatics to utilize those studies. This course helped me with some basic programming commands to do so and Microarray and RNA-Seq were well covered.It was helpful knowing how to analyze RNA-seq data and how to process the data analysis. Helpful tricks in Excel to conduct pathway analysis from microarray data. Thank you ArrayGen Team for such wonderful hands on bioinformatics training.

  MSc. Stem Cells Biology, Tohoku University, Jordan
Shahed Al-Sariera

This training course in bioinformatics is excellent for those with very less knowledge in this field. Thanks to the step-by-step guidance provided by the amazing team of Arraygen company. They care about you and follow up even after the training ends. Thumbs up to Arraygen and wish you have more and more success.

  M.Tech (Bioinformatics), Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology and Sciences, Allahabad.

You people are doing well in this field. The training course was good and the arraygen staff was cooperative and efficient. All the important topics were covered in detail.

  N.I.T, Bhopal
Afzhal Hussain, Phd

This is one of the program for which I was waiting to join. It starts from the basic and goes to advanced level. I would like to thank Mr Rajesh and team members. Mr Rajesh (CEO and founder) has truly amazing knowledge and knows what exactly the student needs. He is very helpful, knowledgeable and a great person. It was great experience with full hands on practical session and full industrially oriented training.

  B.Tech bioinformatics, D.Y.Patil, Mumbai
Pranali Vankore

We are thankful to ArrayGen for industrial based training. They provided all facilities to learn new things quickly and it was beneficial.

  B.Tech bioinformatics, D.Y.Patil, Mumbai
Shivani Kapadia

The training was good experience and helped in understanding the concepts in bioinformatics better.

  M.Sc. bioinformatics, Gujarat
Nirali Desai

Thank you to ArrayGen for industrial based training. The staff was very cooperative and gave good in depth understanding of advanced bioinformatics. The training is beneficial and I wish all the best to Arraygen.

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics, G. N. Khalsa college ,Matunga, Mumbai University.
Khushal Pokar, Internship (3 months).

It was a good experience doing internship project with Arraygen . I got exposure to actual bioinformatics work and I learnt how bioinformatics is applied to various fields like NGS. Project was interesting and learnt skills of NGS (RNA-seq).

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics, G. N. Khalsa college ,Matunga, Mumbai University.
Manisha Parmar, Internship (3 months)

The Project was good. Good exposure to the actual field of bioinformatics. Modules was good. The training for the computational languages was the best part i.e. PERL and R. Thank you.

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics, G. N. Khalsa college ,Matunga, Mumbai University.
Ezhil Dharmalingam, Internship (3 months)

It was a nice exposure got learn many things. Project was very interesting and got to learn the skills to carry out data analysis.

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics, G. N. Khalsa college ,Matunga, Mumbai University.
Rohit Mishra, Internship (3 months)

I loved the services which were given at arraygen. Got to learn various NGS and Microarray techiniques. I have got to work on Microarray. Where i have designed a in-silico probe designing tool for Acetobacter pasteurianus.

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics, G. N. Khalsa college ,Matunga, Mumbai University.
Kiran Mishra, Internship (3 months)

Got chance to learn more about bioinformatics and project. I worked out was NGS and learnt its techiniques and got an excellent exposure.

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics, G. N. Khalsa college ,Matunga, Mumbai University.
Bijal Patel, Internship (3 months)

I have worked on Microarray Data Analsys. The guidance provided by sir was nice. We got a nice exposure to learn differnt Bioinformatics techiniques.

Got chance to learn more about bioinformatics and project. I worked out was NGS and learnt its techiniques and got an excellent exposure.

  CSIR - National Institute of Oceanography, Goa / International Centre for Genetic Engineering (ICGEB), New Delhi
Dr. Vishal Gupta, Phd

It was great learning experience with ArrayGen. Mr. Rajesh is well versed with the subject knowledge. He answered all my queries well and with patience. Moreover, he is free-minded to share his knowledge and experience. The staff of ArrayGen is very co-operative and helpful during my stay. I wish all very best and glorious future to ArrayGen.

  University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Mr Jayakrishna Sidagam

Hi, this is Jayakrishna from Chennai, a Master's graduate in Bioinformatics from University of Leicester, United Kingdom. I worked as QA Analyst for Janssen Pharmaceutica for one and half year after my graduation. With interest to pursue my career on Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis, I joined in this Online Internship provided by the company. This Internship program consisted of 30% training and 70% Project. The training dealt with how to use tools and databases like NCBI, Blast, UCSC browser, etc followed by training on RNA seq data analysis and understand the purpose of it. During training, I was given challenging assignments that helped me to increase the programming and data analysis skills. My project titled "Differential expression analysis of Kidney tumor cells in Human using RNA seq data" provided deeper insight and understanding of the subject where I gained knowledge on usage of new tools involved in NGS data analysis. The overall internship has indeed made a great difference in my knowledge and skills when compared to what I had before.

Thank you ArrayGen !!

  University of Pune, India
Mrs DEO RASHMI, Pursuing Phd

Training module was successfully carried out as planed with all the lectures, doubt clearance and practical session. All the team members are good and enthusiast and specially pallavi who took so much time and effort to make my training a success from almost basic to a level where I can understand and carry out my own De novo RNASeq data analysis. Thank you All !!!

  Jamia Hamdard University, Delhi, India
Mrs SHAZIA KHAN, Pursuing Phd in plant biotechnology

Good, very interactive and informative training it was. Rajesh sir is doing very good. Also Uzma who gave linux training done her job very well. Word of appreciation for her. very good portal for interaction of students with experts.All the very best for your company. Thank you ArrayGen !!


The training was very helpful for me in gaining deeper knowledge on bioinformatics subject and some related software tools. The training were very professional and also trainers are very cooperative, I surely recommend Arraygen for training in Bioinformatics. Thank you !!!

  Jilin Agricultural University, Jilin Province. China
Tyasi Thobela Louis, PhD student (Animal Breeding, Genetics and Reproduction), SAS Programmer

Let me take this opportunity to thank ArrayGen Bioinformatics team (Mr Rajesh Mahato, Ms Uzma Shaikh, Ms Pallavi More and Mr Gopalakrishnan Kumar) for well organized and excellent trainings. I joined these trainings with the background of agriculture and I was not sure that I can get good knowledge on bioinformatics but after these trainings I feel that ArrayGen is one of the best Bioinformatics companies. I am a South African and interested to use Genomics tools and Bioinformatics skills I learned from ArrayGen back home.

I want to use bioinformatics on agricultural studies and looking forward to work with ArrayGen. Bioinformatics now is one of my specializations and I will continue to get more training in this field.

Trainers are very good and experienced, and they make sure that trainee understand the concept.

I am recommending ArrayGen company for basic level to advance training in the field of Bioinformatics because this is one on one training so is very easy to understand.

I want to thank you ArrayGen team for giving me such a wonderful training once again.

Thank you !!!

  OSMANIA UNIVERSITY, Hyderabad, India

It was very useful and giving real time exposure. Looking forward for such courses in future too. Thank you !!!

  Abasaheb Garware College, Pune, India
Kajal Patel

The training given was interesting, each module was taught in details. This hands on practice will be useful in future, as these covers all the techniques used in industries & research.

  SRM University, Chennai, India
Sonal S. More

Thank you. , a clear understanding of new technology like NGS, Microarray data analysis and advance bioinformatics. Thank you for your guidance and support.

  Sri Venkateswara University
Dr. Madhu Sudhana Saddala

I especially appreciated all the practical tips on Genomics and NGS data analysis, which I will be able to put to immediate use.

  Sri Venkateswara University

It was really good experience and gain little bit knowledge through hands on training NGS.

  IIT Indore
Dr. Mirza Saqib Baig

The training is very useful for basic learning and understanding of NGS data analysis. It Could be considered as a launching pad for further indulging into advanced NGS learning Very nice and consolidated.

  M.Sc BioTechonology
Manjiri Sudesh Patil

This training will helps me in writting paper and in presentation as well. The way of teaching and quality is very good.

  M.Sc BioTechonology
Dipalee Thombre

Training was good and helped me a lot in understanding NGS Data Analysis.


Overall, this is the best bioinformatics class I have attended so far. The instructors and patient to provide hands-on practical training.

  University Hospital Of Botna
Said Nadji

The course was an enriching experience. I acquired lot of knowledge and crucial skills.

  KIT'S College Of Engineering, Kolhapur
Rasal Aishwarya Shashikant

It was a nice experience got to know bioinformatics in detail and how bioinformatician work at industrial level. all doubts were cleared and overall training was helpful.

  Prude University, USA
Sonal Patil, Phd

Overall, the training was informative. The course content was very good and helpful for better understanding of genomics and bioinformatics subject area.

  DIPAS, DRDO, New Delhi
Aastha Chhabra, Msc Senior Research Fellow

The training was very helpful for our RNASeq research work. I would like you to help us in our queries even after the 10 Days course is over and stay connected so that we are able to troubleshoot the problems encountered when we actually practice and implement what we have learnt here. Thanks.

  DIPAS, DRDO, New Delhi
Shalini Mishra, Msc Senior Research Fellow

The training was very helpful for our RNASeq research work. I would like you to help us in our queries even after the 10 Days course is over and stay connected so that we are able to troubleshoot the problems encountered when we actually practice and implement what we have learnt here. Thanks.

  ICRISAT, Hyderabad
B. P. Mallikarjuna, Phd

The training was well organised into different modules and nicely explained by all the experts. My special thanks to Mr. Rajesh Mahato for his patience and dedication towards providing service to learners. Overall it was a good learning experience on bioinformatics. Thank you Arraygen.

  Quintiles, Bangalore
Pallavi Rajendra Mahajan

Thank you ArrayGen for providing me this training on genomics sequencing analysis. I have not found anyone taking these kind of training in the field of bioinformatics & special thanks to rajesh sir who took effort to make me understand every concept I was having doughts about.

  Jilin Agricultural University, China
Lucky Tendani Nesengani, Phd Animal genetics

It was an moving experience to be trained by your organisation, am planning to further my other training skills in genomics with you very soon

  M.Sc Bioinformatics
Sameem Banu Anvardeen,Anti Doping Laboratory Qatar

The training was one to one which helped me to learn and ask doubts effectively. Ms.Pallavi did a wonderful job by giving assignments and walkthrough all the topics. I learned a lot about data analysis which I hope to use in my future project. Thanks for the team Arraygen, it was a indeed an efficient and remarkable training.

  B.Sc (Bio-Tech), Modern College (Pune)
Sanika Mrudul Kulkarni

Good Methodology & matter. Completed within deadline. Helpful and co-operative approach.

  M.Sc BioTechnology, Alva's P.G. Studies and Research Center, Moodbidri

It's good to join feels happy. Finally i found good company to enhance my skills in Bioinformatics. Thanks You so much for the Best Training.

  M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,Korean Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology (KRIBB), Daejeon, Korea
Dr. Irisappan Ganesh, Ph.D.

I feel very happy to write about my experience in bioinformatics training provided by arraygen. I started the training as an average person and completed the training as a bioinformatics person. This training covers the basic, advanced and industrial oriented Bioinformatics topics in short duration with practical application. The offline and online training mode of arraygen can implant the bioinformatics knowledge to any in any part of the world. Here, I thank Mr. Rajesh mahato and his team members for their excellent contribution in providing practical oriented training in detail with patience.I wish them a lot to reach their heights in the near future.

  MSc (PhD student, now)
Intisar AlAlawi,Newcastle University, UK

Generally it is a very useful course and I get benefits out of it. Material given in the course fit me and expand my knowledge.

  Amrita School of Biotechnology, PhD
Pradeesh Babu

I am Pradeesh Babu doing my Ph.D from Amrita School of Biotechnology in Kerala. I happened to see an advertisement in the internet regarding the NGS data analysis workshop being conducted by Arraygen. Thus I decided to attend their 15 day workshop, the best part of it was that they were flexible with the timing and made a convenient timing which most companies might not agree. Since I was completely naĂŻve to the computer programming, the trainers took lot of effort with patience to complete the basics for the METAGENOMICS which I have opted. They completed the workflow with the simple examples which are not that complicated and it helped me. I would not say that I have mastered the art but definitely with some more practise I think I will be able to understand it more deeply.

  NIPGR, New Delhi, Phd
Vinod kumar Prajapati

Materials provided was good, content was good. Trainers are very friendly and the way of teaching is excellent.

  IIIT Allahabad, M.Tech.
Manarshi Das

Very good. Excellent training given. Explained all topics very well. Got a chance to do hands-on.

  BITS Pilani Goa campus, MSc. (BioTechnology)
Reshma Zakane

Explanation was very good and the assistance provided was excellent.

  Ph.D. Scholar Department of Biological Sciences
Pallavi Arora

I am fully satisfied with the training. Especially by the efforts put by the teachers in making me understand the basics of bioinformatics and their willingness to help even after the training is over.

  DY. Patil School Of BioTech & BioInfo., Navi Mumbai
Nikhil Sambhaji Tengle

Over all a very good experience & learning . Rajesh sir is an excellent co-ordination. Thank You...

  Patkar-Varde College, Mumbai
Vyomesh R. K. Javle

Contents and training was up-to-date with respect to industrial requirement. Way of explanation very interactive and simple.

  DY. Patil University
Aditya Singh

I would love to complete & learn other modules. Thank you for your guidance Rajesh sir. Hope for further co-ordination.

  Sant Gadge Baba, Amravati University
Akansha Sunil Bagde

Training is good. Thank You...

  Om Diagnestic, Pune
Mugdha Ramesh Pal

The workshop was good. get to know about many insights which previously was not aware. Thank You.

  M.Sc BioInformatic, Banaras Hindu University
Priyanka Singh

Overall training was good. Content matter should be little bit more and easily understand. Tools were explained nicely.

  Ph.D, Abo Akademi University, Finland
Bhanupratap Singh Chouhan

Good content matter.Wide methodology covered.Very professional and cooperative training module.adherence to requested deadline

  B.E. BioTech, KIT College of Engineering, Kolhapur
Nivedita Rajendra Hetkale

I enjoyed the training in bioinformatics. I learned NGS and basic of perl programming which will help me for final year project in Bioinformatics.

  Ph.D, Navsari Agricultural University, Gujarat
Pravin Prajapat

I really found this company very helpful for my RNA-seq training. I am totally satisfied with this training. I will recommended this company to my friends.

  M.Sc BioInformatics, Jaipur National University, Jaipur
Saheba Siddiqui

It was great experience. Thank you for guiding me.

  M.Sc BioInformatics, Jaipur National University, Jaipur

Great place good people.

  M.Sc BioInformatics, Jaipur National University, Jaipur
Anant Krishnan

ArrayGen is a great place to have a lot of useful information related to bioinformatics. It's been a great time. Learning different tools and techniques which will help me.

  M.Sc BioInformatics, Thrombosis Research Institute, Bangaluru
K S Praharshit Sharma

Train The Trainer concept could be introduced with the robust and extensive training experience of Rajesh so on to exponentially flourish Bio tech in India.

  B.Sc , B.J.B. Autonomous College, Odisha
Prangya Paramita Jena

Happy to know your consideration to the field of bioinformatics in a positive way with it's encourging respective area of bioinformatics and it's sub-category subjects.

  Ph.D , Dr. D. Y. patil BioTechnology and BioInformatics
Dr. Rachna Pandey

Overall excellent training programme.

  B.Sc, B.J.B. Autonomous College
Aditi Panda

Since it's my first workshop so excitment was at high levels and Arraygen was emerged breaking it all. I loved it and am looking forwarded for learning more here.

  Btech Bioinformation DR. D.Y Patil University,Navi Mumbai
Chaitali Ananta Dhande

Best experience overall,Have studied something really new and useful . Concept got cleared ,Very informative .Faculty taught us were very interactive.Good,Efficient and Worthful..

  B.Tech Manipal Institute of Technology,Manipal
Apoorva Dey

This was a very informative and joyous experience .I would definitely recommend all acquaintance interested in pursuing bioinformatics to take training at ArrayGen Technologies.

  M.Sc Microbiology,Vidyasagar University,Midnapore,W.B
Sayantan Ghosh

This trainning will help me in future

  M.Sc ,Vidyasagar University,W.B
Souvik Das

This type of trainning will be friendly and better

  MSc Microbiology, Gurunanak Institute of Pharmaceutical Science &Technology,Makaut
Soumi Choudhury

Those Teacher are very good and helpful so if any other types of short term trainnig provide us then it will be good for us

  Head, Centre for Bioinformatics Research (CBR),SRKR Engineering College,Andhra Pradesh
Dr. Suresh Babu Mudunuri

The quality of the training was good. All the contents of the training are neatly explained. The training was completed well before time.

  M.E. (Biotechnology)BITS Pilani, KK Birla Goa campus, Goa
Swapnil Punyapwar

The content of the matter was descent. The training is flexible and easy for working professionals.

  MSc Microbiology, Working at TATA chemicals Ltd.
Niruta Killedar

The content of the training was really good and the training was completed in the provided duration.

  MSc, M.Phil. PhD student at S.P. Pune University
Renuka Navaneethakrishnan

Over all the training was good. All the staff members were co-operative and willingly solving all queries.

  PhD student at Symbiosis International University, Pune.
Dipti Deo

Overall it was a good experience.

  PhD, Assistant Professor at Symbiosis school of Biological Sciences.
Dr. Swagata Roy

The content was good and was finished on time.

  PhD student, Institute of wood Science & Technology, Bangalore
Tanzeem Fatima

The content and the quality of the matter was good.

  MSc, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
Sofia Bhatia

The training provided me a good knowledge of all the tools. The team was supportive

  MSc Biotechnology,G.N Khalsa College
Akshata Ramdas Mithbavkar

This was great oppurtunity to learn Bioinformatics.The technique ,trainning given to us was excellent

  Msc Biotechnology ,G.N Khalsa College
Krittika Krishnan

Consisted of application based material.The trainning and the project both were completed before deadline

  Msc Biotechnology ,G.N Khalsa College
Merlyn Jessica Michael Barboza

Content was as per required ,Excellent trainning,Project completed as per deadline

  Msc Biotechnology ,G.N Khalsa College
Minal Ashok Kadam

It was good because we got to learn new things.Tools were introduced which were new to us.Project was completed till given deadline

  Msc Biotechnology,G.N Khalsa College
Pallavi Subhash Jadhav

It was good oppurtunity to learn the bioinformatics.The trainning given to us was excellent

  Msc Biotechnology ,G.N Khalsa College
Pooja Ramesh Shinde

This was great experience for me as i have got new concept from trainning

  Msc Biotechnology,G.N Khalsa College
Rahul Chandrakant Angane

This was great oppurtunity for me as i learned coding in perl.Trainning provided was excellent

  Msc Biotechnology,G.N Khalsa College
Doiphode Sayali sunil

Got to learn methodology and concept very well.Learning here was good experience .Concept clearance was very good for application of Bioinformation

  Msc Biotechnology,G.N Khalsa College
Shivalee Anil Chari

To the topic .Teaching through consise module.The project was successfully completed before deadline

  Msc Biotechnology,G.N Khalsa College
Pranjali Ashok Ramtek

It was good as per required.It was great oppurtunity to learn Bioinformation.

  B.Phill ,University of Allahabad
Rinki Singh

First of all ,Thanks to all team members.All of you done your job well.My Problem has been solved here.The training in microarray will further provide me confidence to excute microarray analysis of my own

  MSc Enviromental BioTechnology, Shivaji University ,Kolhapur
Dixit Yogesh Sanjay

The trainning was good and all the content was based on industrial exposure .I will be happy to implement the skill i learnt in my further research works.

  Msc Biotechnology ,Gogate Jogalekar College,Ratnagiri ,Mumbai University
Kale Sourabh Sanjay

I got tremendous and much more knowledge from this training

  Msc Biotechnology ,Union Christian College ,Aluva,M G University
Virmaya Sadadevan

My experience on working at Arraygen was good and helpful.Arraygen provides good trainnig and its good place to learn Bioinformation.After NGS trainning i am confident about the use of tool.I am very thankful to Arraygen and Rajesh sir

  Msc Biotechnology ,Union Christian College ,Kuttayam,M G University
Shruti P

It was nice experience with arraygen team.I learned how to work in company.A lot of information was covered .I completed my project on gene expression profiling study.Now i am able to use many tools.Thanks to Arraygen and Rajesh Sir for kind support

  Msc Biotechnology ,Union Christian College ,Kuttayam,M G University
Riyamol Raju

My experience on working at Arraygen was good.I would like to thanks Arraygen and the whole team for the time, training,guidance and experience provided.I would like to express my special gratitude to Rajesh sir,who guided me with full patience and freindly atmosphere

  Msc Biotechnology ,Union Christian College ,Kuttayam,M G University
Reshma Murali

Arraygen undoubtly gave me a deep knowledge in NGS and have a great experience with team.A very big thanks to Rajesh Sir for being such a patience mind towards me.I have now confidence that i can do and stand in Bioinformatics.Wishing a great success to Arraygen

  MSc – Biological Sciences, NMIMS – Sunandan Divatia School Of Science Mumbai
Ranjita Ralesh Save

Thanks to Rajesh sir and his team to have explained the matter in a very easy and efficient way.

  Instituto Politecnico Nacional
Diana Daniela Moreno Santillán

All the trainers were really good. However, I want to do a special mention for Bhagyashree. She was very clear and patient. I really enjoy the classes with her and understood everything pretty well.

  J.S.S University,Mysore,Karnataka
Dr .Neha Joshi

The course is well designed introductory course to learn the application of bioinformatics tools in research.Provides a good overview of analysis tools for data retrival ,as well as big data handling and analysis

  US FDA,Silverspring,MD,USA
Dr Bikash Mitra

In one word ,its excellent.The organisation is exceptionally good at providing training in bioinformatics.All the members of the trainning provider's group is very good at their job.I specially thanks to Mr.Rajesh Mahato Sir for his excellent job.Wishing Arraygen bright future.

  V.I.T University,Vellore

Learnt the course and gained the knowledge which i had in mind.100% satisfied with the trainning and i will recommend the trainning for others.All the Best.

  National Institute of Immunology,New Delhi
Parul Sahu

Work environment is good and friendly.Problem solving skills of Mr.Rajesh is outstanding.Can easily grasp new concepts in comfortable manner.Teaching skill of the staff is very good.They teach according to individuals grasping capacity.Excellent place to learn bioinformatics with our own customized syllabus

  M.Tech(CSE), Pursuing PhD(CSE) ,VNIT, Nagpur
Richa Kishore Makhijani

Good understanding and explanation, polite, good query handling.Also appreciate Dynamic scheduling of sessions

  PhD ,Michigan Technological University, Michigan
Komal Kumar Bollepogu Raja

The trainning was basic and good enough for laymen to understand. Very good and satisfactory. Perfectly timed and at the same time very flexible.

  M.Tech(CSE), Pursuing PhD(CSE),VNIT, Nagpur
Ankush Mahadev Maind

The trainning was good and was able to understand.The faculties had good query handling capabilities.Dynamic scheduling of sessions helped me lot

  MSc,BioChemistry,Banaras Hindu University
Shivani Srivastava

The trainning content was specific and it was easy to understand.Good effort for individuals.

  MSc,Immonology,Amity University
Abhishek .P

My basics related to Bioinformatics became more broader and clearer.The trainning provided me the pillars to support the base of my Bioinformatics.Bioinformatics was taken to the next level in unique way.Amazing learning and workplace experience.Thank You for spending your valuable time on me .

  Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt
Dr Eman Ali Mohammad Toraih

The trainning was comprehensive with examples and application.Excellent trainers.Flexibility to take longer time to deliver the target objectives.Thank you for teaching me. I really enjoyed the course.

  Osmania University, Hyderabad, India
Dr. G. Praveen

Teaching by the mentor was very good especially by Mr. Vineet & Miss Danamma. Thanks to ArrayGen Team!

  MS in Molecular Biotechnology ,Tuskegee University ,USA
Anusha Angajala

The Explanation about key fundamentals was clear .Organized class structure was also good.One to one training was extraordinary.The Course was completed on time.

  MBBS, MD,AIIMS, New Delhi
Dr. Raghavendra Lingaiah

One to one teaching and well designed flow,Customizable according to the student.

  MCA, M.Phil ,Ph.D. Dept. of Computer Science, Periyar University, Salem
Gowri R

Course content is good enough.The course is also Industry oriented and according current trend.About training i would say it was very precise, easy to understand ,quite fast and well planned .Overall it was Perfect .

  MBBS, MD(Biochemistry),Government Medical College, Nagpur
Dr. Bhalchandra Balkrishna Murhar

The training was Good .The tutor are good and sincere.Thank You Arraygen !!!

  Ph.D. (Plant Breeding & Genetics),MAHYCO, Dawalwadi, Mahrashtra
Waseem Hussain

Self-made content matter was provided almost for every lecture.Every lecture and module covered well on time.

  M.Sc, Ph.D,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Arvind Sharma

The methodology is well planned and all recent tools are included in the training. It starts from basic installation of the tools and end with analyzing data using these tools.One to one training offered by Arragen clarifies the basics of bioinformatics. You get a real-time experience of working with different NGS tools.The content was also up-to-date.

  Ph.D ,MIT,Pune
Swapnaja Rohit More

I have joined Arraygen for my Metagenomics Project.The Training provided skills in Module-I and all Metagenomics content were covered upto mark Whatever i was looking for,everthing was fullfilled and up to match.The training was up to mark.Complete course was covered on time.

  MSc,Biochemistry ,Datta Meghe Institue of Medical Sciences, Wardha
Prajakta Deshpande

Thank you for the wonderful experience I had with your team. It was nice to learn which will be helpful for my research.The content of course was well thought out.It was simple to undestand .Good team work, makes it easy to understand.I also appreciate the patient teaching.

  M.Tech,Vignan's University
Abharam Peele Karlapudi

The Content of training was presented in a precise and understandable manner which includes PPT.Tools and supporting softwares that need was installed by experts through Web,Skype and any desk applications.Trainers are expertise in their allotted fields and their depth of the knowledge is good. Thank you for their patient training

  Banaras Hindu University
Shubajit Dutta

The NGS training was useful especially RNA-Seq training was good. The online training was similar like offline training. I have learned a lot in NGS technology and able to execute live project. Moreover, I hope it will be very much helpful for future career and/or research and development in bioinformatics.

  Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology,Bhopal
Rahul Bhagawati

The training and content was great.Quality of training was better than expected.Much Scope of using them in future.The trainers were also sincere and knowledgeable.

  Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology,Bhopal
Kunal Shivkumar Tembhare

The training was clear and detailed.Every chance for the candidate to ask question was provided.We learnt new things,it was good experience to be at Arraygen and completing the training.

  Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology,Bhopal
Aman Gautam

Arraygen provided me chance to learn new skills in bioinformatics.All the members of Arraygen are helpful and provides best training

  M.Sc (Molecular Genetics),IISER, Pune
Shweta Rajopadhye

I enjoyed my time at ArrayGen. It was a good learning & experience and I gained knowledge of NGS which has made my prospects in future bright. Moreover, study material for pre-use was upto date. The manuals provided are lucid. It helped in each step and along they given sufficient time to carryout analysis and encouraged to solve problems. The training was finished comfortably on time.

  M.Sc Bioinformatics, Amravati University, Amravati
Akansha Sunil Bagde

My internship program was really good. Its going to help me a lot in future.The Program was easy to understand and it was explained well. Thank You team Arraygen.

  M.Sc Bioinformatics,Sri Shivaji Science College, Amravati University, Amravati
Vaishnavi Umesh Marodkar

The intersnship program was easy to understand.The quality of training was excellent.It helped me to get clear concept about various topics.Thank you Arraygen for your valuable training.

  Ph.D,Africa City of Technology,Sudan
Dr.Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Ali

Thank You Arraygen.The training course was very helpful, useful and aimed. Thanks for your collabration, guidance and Patience.There is big difference in understanding and knowing bioinformatics before i joined the course and after finishing the course.Also thanks to Mr.Rajesh, Vineet, Danamma and Bhagyashree.

  MSc,Odisha University of Agriculture and Tech,Odisha
Tapas Ranjan Samal

Arraygen provides bioinformatics training program which covers two important aspect of bioinformatics that is NGS and microarray application.It is big oppurtunity for student who wants to explore bioinformatics field.Really enjoyed the training.

  Project Assistant, S.V University,Tirupati,Andhra Pradesh
Kuruba Hanumanthu

The Trainer are good and supportive.They helped me and supported me from start til end of training.The content of training was good and upto industry standard.

  Ph.D,Praj Industries Ltd/ Symbiosis International University
Ms.Durga D. Aphale

This training has covered broad & all critical aspects at Metagenomics in very informative manner.Its highly valuable for all. Who are associated with omics analysis.Thanks to Arraygen!

Mr.Shrikishna D. Jadhav

Its full of efforts and enthusiasm enriched bioinformatics training by mr. rajesh director array gene. i wish him great success and fame followed by aartha.Thanks to Arraygen!

  Ph.D Bioinformatics, National Institute of Nutrition-ICMR, Hyderabad
Dr Manne Munikumar

Very good place to learn Bioinformatics concepts and training also good .Trainers are very friendly .Thanks to arraygen provided excellent Knowledge., Dr. D Y Patil Biotechnology And Bioinformatics Institute, Pune
Ms.Maitreyee Aniruddha Pathak

Thanks to the Arraygen very nice covers wide topics and one to one training provided by the amazing team of Arraygen company. Each topic is consisting and great help. Thumbs up to Arraygen and wish you have more and more success.

  National Institute of Immunology
Ms.Vijigisha Srivastava

Thank you for this training. It was an eye opener and gave me so much to learn. Wonderful experience. Thank You ArrayGen..!!!

  BS (Biochemistry, Chemistry) Bio reference labs, Inc., Milford, MA
Srikalpana Pulluru

Thank you so much arraygen you give me more information in RNA-seq. Training was good. All staff is friendly…

  Masters Of Science In Biotechnology,SRL Diagnostics FZ LLC
Mr.Sandipkumar Ranjan Dey

Training was good & completed as per the deadline. First training course is one to one training. It was a nice experience with Arraygen. Thank You Arraygen..!!!.

  Ph.D. Biotechnology, Plant Molecular Biology Lab, Jain R & D, JAIN IRRIGATION SYS. LTD.
Mr.Bhavesh Liladhar Jangale

This type of training is really important for beginners, because it covers all aspects and software to understand Next Generation Sequencing. I am Thankful to team of arraygen for providing such kind of facility & hospitality…

  M.Tech (Biotechnology), Plant Molecular Biology Lab, Jain R & D, JAIN IRRIGATION SYS. LTD.
Mr.Sandeep Kumar

Training was very good, staff was very attentive and helpful. They solved all the queries and difficulties which ever come during training.

  Ph.D. BV Patel Pharmaceutical Education and Research Development (PERD) Centre, Ahmedabad.
Ms.Sonal Sharma

It was the wonderful experience to learn with Arraygen. Thanks to all the team Bhagyashree, Vinit, Avinash, Danamma, for their lot of patience and determination to make me learn. In future I want to avail other courses also. I will contact soon for this. I have recommended the arraygen to others also. Thanks a lot once again.

  Ph.D. Grant Medical College, Mumbai.
Dr. Sangeeta A. Pingale

It was a wonderful experience of learning Bioinformatics with arraygen who have provided training at my fullest satisfaction, really happy by all the angles with Arraygen.

  Ph.D. SMVDU, Kathe, Jammu.
Dr. Inderpal Singh

This is a good place for learning various modules of NGS and the staff is very supportive. Thank You ArrayGen..!!!

  Working as Senior Post-doc in Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Daejeon, South Korea.
Dr. Ankita Srivastava

It was good to learn RNA-Seq. All training was as per industry standards. I have learnt more time and focus on visualization of data sets and user defined functions (R). wonderful experience to learn with Arraygen. Thank you

Rakesh Rao

It was good bioinformatics training totally industrial based syllabus. All the methods were covered in detail. Even when things were not working in my computer, they were able help in solving it. they tried their level best to finish on time. Wonderful experience with ArrayGen.

  VIT University, Vellore
Shreyansh Parakh

Thank you for the training. The training course was good at arraygen. All the important topics were covered in details. Thank You ArrayGen.

  VIT University, Vellore
B Gouthami Reddy

The training and content provided during the course of time were very new and helpful. Explanation of each tool was given well. Wonderful experience Thank You ArrayGen...!!!

  (M.Sc.) SN Gene Lab, Surat
Harsh K Parekh

Quality of training was good. The application of all the tools were explained very nicely. Good effort for individuals. one to one interactive training. I specially thanks to Mr. Rajesh Mahato Sir for his excellent job.

  Scholar (M.Sc. biotech) Thapar University
Sumit Sharma

The Bioinformatics training was useful especially Microarray Data Analysis training was good. The online training was similar like offline training. Clear all doubt and explain all concepts very nicely. Thank you Arraygen!!!

  School of Medicine, University of Louisville
Trinath P Das

Training content is good enough. Training also Industry oriented and according current trend. Perfect. Thank you for the wonderful experience with arraygen!!!

  Vellore Institute of technology (VIT) University
Ankita Chattopadhyay

Online mode gives flexibility to attend the sessions as per my convenience. The course material is well structured, easy to follow and understand for the beginners in bioinformatics. The entire staff is highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful. They are very patient and get my doubts resolved at the earliest. Sessions sometimes take time to complete. I developed interest in bioinformatics and acquired practical skills in data analysis. Thank you ArrayGen.

  M.Sc. Human Genetics, SN Gene Lab, Surat
Rajesh Bhammar

The training content and the quality was excellent. Cleared all basics concepts. Over all a very good experience with arraygen!

  B. Tech Biotechnology (First Year) MIT School of Bioengineering Science & Research, Pune
Ghogare Simran Shivaji

Training was good and staff also Comparative. First training course is one to one training. It was a nice experience with Arraygen. Thank You Arraygen...!

  B. Tech Biotechnology (Second Year) MIT School of Bioengineering Science & Research, Pune
Rujuta Abhijit Shinde

The training and content was great. Quality of training good. The trainers were also sincere and knowledgeable. Thank You Arraygen...!

  B. Tech Biotechnology (Second Year) MIT School of Bioengineering Science & Research, Pune
Ashlesha Prashant Mahadar

The training is understandable. Quality of training content is good & future scope. Good teaching staff. Thank You Arraygen...!

  PH. D, University college cork, Ireland
Amruta S. Naik

The instructions are really good. Training was one to one interactive. Much Scope of using them in future. The trainers were also sincere and knowledgeable. All the best…. Arraygen!

  B. Tech Biotechnology (Third Year),Amity University, Mumbai
Isha Sharma

We were thought nicely and leaned. The training was understandable and quality of training is good. Thanks to arraygen…!

  B. Tech Biotechnology (Third Year),Amity University, Mumbai
Soumya Yadav

The training was Good and understand most of things nicely. The tutor is good and sincere. Thank You Arraygen!!!

  Ph.D, CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysuru, Karnataka, India
Greeshma M

The short-term training was really useful. I had no idea about NGS and this course had given me some good amount of knowledge with respect to it. I will definitely opt for Arraygen in the future and I have also recommended it to my friends. The online program is very useful which most of the places do not offer. The one to one classes are really good. All the best for the Arraygen team for all their future endeavours.

  B. Tech (Final Year), Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune
Meghana N Bhandari

Training was good.Staff is Very co-operative sweet and friendly, great learning experience. Personal attention to all good.Learned lots of things apart from college.

  MSc, SRM University
Rohini. K

Training was very good and satisfactory. It was good opportunity to learn the bioinformatics. The Perfectly timed and at the same time very flexible. The trainers very helpful. Thank You!!!

  MSc,MA college, Kothamangalam, Kerala
Nivya James

Training was one to one interactive. Much Scope of using them in future. The trainers were also sincere and knowledgeable. All the best…. Arraygen!

  Ph. D, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology
Dr.Rajendra Shende

Training was good & easy to understand. All content explained in deep. Specially rajesh sir explained good.

  M.Sc. Pondicherry University
Srividya Subramanian

The introductory, as well as the in-depth classes were well-planned, and executed in a systematic manner so as to enable an individual to independently carry out reference-based RNASeq Analysis (my chosen topic for training). Any questions I had were clarified in a lucid manner. I had a really good learning experience from the Arraygen team and would definitely recommend them to fellow researchers and academics who want to learn bioinformatics-based work. My learning mode was online and I did not face any problems. The instructors were very helpful and cooperative, and the timings were flexible enough. Thank you, Arraygen Team.

  MSc in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (RMIT University)
Raktim Kumar Mondol

Training given to us was excellent. All Concept was cleared & well explained. The training finished on time. Staff also very cooperative.

  M.Tech Biotechnology, Dr. D.Y. Patil Biotechnology & Bioinformatics, Pune
Tanvi Patil

Internship was good and trainer explained all contents. The quality of training was excellent. It helped me to get clear concept about various topics. Good experience with arraygen. Thank You ArrayGen Technologies!!!

  M.Pharmacy (Ph. D)
Dr. Prasandeep Biswal

Training was good & one to one interactive. All content explained with example. Training modules are industrial based totally. Thank you for good training ArrayGen Team!!!

  M.Tech Bioinformatics, Karunya Institute of Technology
Devagudi Pujitha

According to my experience in arraygen it's the best place enhance your skills and know more about bioinformatics in different prospective & the way to implement bioinformatics to your research purpose.Thank you Arraygen Team!!

  Ph. D, AL-Baha university, KSA
Dr. Mohammad Asrar Izhari

Training was fully satisfied & well explained contents. Staff very cooperative. Overall excellent training program.Thank you for good training ArrayGen Team!!!

  M.Sc. (Bioinformatics) Banaras Hindu University, Banaras
Diksha Tiwari

Team ArrayGen conducted highly appreciable training programme on NGS and fundamental Bioinformatics & i'am really happy to be a part of this institution. Got to know many insights of computational biology which were untouched yet,although i was student of bioinformatics ,i was unaware of these. A big Thank you to their guidance and support. Good luck team ArrayGen , keep doing this wonderful job as such.

  B.E. (E & Tc)
Rajendra P. Aparajit

Training was good.Very good technical staff & co-operations during hand-on activities.Thank you ArrayGen Technologies!!!

  Ph. D , Icar-Indian Institute Of Spices Research
Snigdha M

I was very new to bioinformatics. But all the trainers showed extreme patience and spent and enough time with me to make me understand the basics, so that now I can use this knowledge for my research. I recommend this training centre to my colleagues here. Thank you Arraygen

  M.Sc.,School of Biological Sciences, Madurai Kamaraj University
N. Soundararajan

Overall, it was really a good experience helped me to learn the basics in NGS data analysis. This training has provided basic insights in understanding the NGS platform for persons not belonging to bioinformatics background. Though it was mentioned as 15 days, the trainers were able to spend extra time for making concepts and tools clearly.

D. Pilot Dovih

It was good training. Content Include everything’s needed my work. Very systematic and excellent. Thank you Arraygen!!

  Ph. D , University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Awantika Singh

Courses contents are well designed for beginners to help them getting started. Trainer make their best effort to explain the topic. I thoroughly enjoyed my learning session. Thank you Arraygen!!

Irina Nakashidze

Really, your course is very interesting and useful for me. I am motivated to apply for new courses. A lot of thanks to all!!!
The HUGEST THANKS TO YOU Dear Deepika. Thanks to dear to Maitreyee and Rishikesh!!! Thank you to Dear Sourabh!!! Thanks to arraygen!!! AGAIN, THANKS and THANKS!!!!

  M. Sc., Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
Gauri Bhide

Training was good. Session has been pretty helpful for my career growth. this is great place to learn NGS Training. Thank you Arraygen!!

  Ph. D, The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago, WI
Dr. Chinnaraja Chinnadurai

Training quality & contents is excellent. Explanation was very good and the assistance provided excellent. The training was completed well before time and perfect.

  B.Tech (Biotech)-4th year, Amity Institute Of Biotechnology, Noida
Saurav Kumar Choudhary

It was good training.Content was explained well. Specially avinash sir was very punctual.Thank you Arraygen Team!!!

  B.Tech (Biotech)-4th year, Amity Institute Of Biotechnology, Noida
Neha Gupta

Course was very well explained and very informative. All the concepts were well explained and in systematic manner. The voice and Anydesk idea are very good. The training was all done well at time and day.

  M.Sc. Medical Microbiology, (Ph. D) Mallareddy Institute of Medical sciences
V shravani

Training was good. Quality of training is excellent. Training has been completed Ontime.Thank you Arraygen Team!!!

  Ph. D(Continuing), KIIT School of Biotechnology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Ajit Kumar Dhal

Training was best for future in Bioinformatics. Training content properly design and well organized. Thank you Arraygen Team!!!

  M.Sc. , KIIT School of Biotechnology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Prem Prakash

Training was good. I learnt new information in bioinformatics. Thank you very much.

  Ph. D(Continuing), KIIT School of Biotechnology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Subhashree Rout

The training was very helpful for me in gaining deeper knowledge on Bioinformatics I surely recommend Arraygen for training in Bioinformatics. Thank you!!!

  Ph. D(Continuing), KIIT School of Biotechnology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Manaswini Jagadeb

The training easy to understand and updated new contents. Well organised. Thank you, Arraygen Team!!!

  M.Sc. ,Institute of Endemic Diseases, University of Khartoum,Sudan
Aziza Mahmoud

I had an exciting experience in Bioinformatics field the trainers are experts and they gave me full information I needed, they are supportive and helpful. I enjoyed my time there. best luck for all of Arraygen crew!!

  M.Sc. PGIMER, Chandigarh
Vranda Garg

Dear Saurabh, I am sending the duly filled feedback form with this mail. Thank you so much for guiding me all through this process. It was a good experience for me to learn something new. I may contact you further regarding the internship program.

Vandana yadav

The training quality was excellent. They solved all the queries and difficulties which ever come during training. Over all a very good experience with arraygen!!!

  MCA, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
Ghazala Sultan

Internship was good and explained all contents. It helped me to get clear concept about various topics. The trainers were also sincere and knowledgeable.Thank You ArrayGen Technologies!!!

  PhD (Animal Biotechnology), Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Dr Arif Ahmad Pandit

Hi! Sourabh Thanks to you and your colleagues for providing me with an opportunity and the platform to learn something new in bioinformatics. Flexible as per candidates’ availability which I am impressed with. To be honest the training was very helpful and I gained a lot of confidence in handling live biological data. All credit to you guys.

  M.Sc. (Molecular Life Sciences) University of Colombo – Sri Lanka
Lakshika Jayasekera

I'm a Molecular Life Sciences graduate student from University of Colombo - Sri Lanka . As NGS sequence analysis is an integral part of my project I decided to take Arraygen - NGS analysis online 15 day course. Even without a deep bioinformatic background, this program provided me with a wholesome and satisfactory training that exceeded my expectations. On a pleasant note I would like to thank Arraygen C.E.O Mr. Rajesh Mahato and entire team for courteous and efficient service. I would also like to extend my special gratitude to Dr.Deepika Kulshreshta who conducted my online sessions for her efficient and explanatory guidance without whom I wouldn't be able to successfully complete the course.

  MSc Biotechnology, NCL Innovation Park, Pune
Akansha Mishra

The Trainers and teaching methodology is professional and relevant. Due to personal reasons my training got discontinued in between, but the institution is really supportive esp. Rajesh sir, because of which I was able to complete the course. It will be very helpful if I get chance to work on live project!!!

  MSc. Bioinformatics, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology/ Bharathiar University
Sona Charles

The training was excellent and good learning experience in NGS. All trainers were really good. Thanks for the support.

  MSc. Bioinformatics, Sri Venketeswar University
S. Sri Harsha

TIt was good experience at Arraygen!!! Thank you sourabh and Arraygen Team ...Thanks a lot once again!!!

  MSc. Bioinformatics,(Ph.D.) Agricultural University of Athens, Greece & S.V. University, Tirupati, India
R R D Naga Charan Konakalla

Training was Very systematic and excellent.Good teaching staff. Thank you Arraygen!!

  Ph. D., Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Agra (India)
Dr. Kaushal Pratap Singh

Training was good & Easy to understand. Cover all major areas with basic level to develop confidence in new users. Always follows time schedules. Thank you, Arraygen Team!!

  M. Sc. ,VISVA-BHARATI (India)
Arijit Misra

Training was excellent and whole content covers my needs. Patience given by trainers is impressive and helpful to me. Thank you Arraygen!!

  Bachelor – Biotechnology, University Maria Curie-Sklodowska, Lublin, Poland
Aleksandra Kisiel

knowledge contained in the training is very detailed. For me it was the best form of training Course teachers was a big knowledge and skills and kind, the schedule is mobile and I was able to learn a lot. Thank you Arraygen!!

  Ph.D Life Sciences Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, KAU, Thrissur
Dr. Donald James

The training was really good and informative. Special thanks to all especially Maitreyee, Deepika, Surbhi and Rishikesh. Thank you for arranging it so well.

  Ph.D Biotechnology, Rajiv Gandhi Centre For Biotechnology
Dr. Sushma Padmaja

Training was excellent content very precise and very well-trained trainers. Perfect for online training sessions Very good at allotting time lines and very attentive to the needs of the trainees. Thank you Arraygen!!

Dr. Riwandahun Marwein

Training was one to one interaction and Systematically executed. The course content Well-structured and the arraygen staff was cooperative and efficient. Thank you Arraygen!!

  M. S. (Pharm), National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, (NIPER) Mohali.
Sumedh Liladhar Gajbhiye

Training quality is good. contents helpful for future and understanding able to learn. Thank you Arraygen!!

  KITS (Karunya Institute of Technology)

Amazing Hands-On training NGs RNA-seq great application would suggest this training for all the student pursing B. Tech, MTech Bioinformatics

  Ph. D. United Genetics India Pvt. Ltd.)
Dr. Mahesh Shekar

At ArrayGen a well know training and service providers in Bioinformatics and NGS training I had fortunately had short term course. The Arraygen team mates were very responsive right from the registration till the end of the course. the beauty is the team is really resourceful and the idea of theory combined with practical’s with hands on sessions was very useful and helpful to remember the learning till long run. I sincerely thank for training and wish you all the success for future endeavours dear Rajesh sir and all the team mates. My knowledge in bioinformatics was very negligible before but once I was here felt confident in the same and now working good in it. I recommend any passionate and professional scientists, researchers or even students to approach this centre once and you will definitely be happy to learn.

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics Shri Shivaji Science College Amravati, SGBA University
Gouri Jane

The training quality which gave to us by this company was excellent, I am satisfied by getting the knowledge by working here......

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics Shri Shivaji Science College Amravati, SGBA University
Payal Wankhade

The training gave by this company was good and I am satisfied.

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics Shri Shivaji Science College Amravati, SGBA University
Ashwini Kulkarni

The experience at arraygen was very good. I got to learn many new things about bioinformatics

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics Shri Shivaji Science College Amravati, SGBA University
Ashwin Bhosle

The quality of training we got was exceptional. Also, considering the fact that we had a few members with us having a bit less computer skills, they received special attention with respect to various installations and usage. We also received quality learning materials to keep with us. The energy and zeal of everyone here, truly beyond expectations.

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics Shri Shivaji Science College Amravati, SGBA University
Shubham Ingole

Internship was good. Regular provide data material for project.

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics Shri Shivaji Science College Amravati, SGBA University
Gaurav Boharapi

Internship was excellent & good contents. Before deadline work is completed

  M.Sc. EPH, Central University of Tamilnadu
Deepanker Das

Training was very good and satisfactory. It was good opportunity to learn the bioinformatics. The trainers very helpful. Thank You!!!

  Ph. D (VETERINARY PUBLIC HEALTH) Central University of Tamilnadu
Sujit Kumar

Training well plan & Quality of training was good. The application of all the tools were explained very nicely.

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics, Amrita School of Biotechnology
Achsah Thomas

Training was good. Trainers are very friendly. Thanks to arraygen provided excellent Knowledge.

  Karunya Institute of Technology & Sciences
Irfan Ahmed

Training content well focused. Makes it easy to understand. I also appreciate the patient teaching. Thank you Arraygen!!

  M.Sc. Bioinformatics, Shri Shivaji Science College Amravati, SGBA University
Shital Kale

Thank you for the wonderful experience. It was nice to learn which will be helpful for my Future. The content of course was well thought out. Thank you Arraygen!!

  Vellore Institute of Technology
Abhradeep Das

Good methodology of teaching along with practical demonstration. Must recommended for training.Thank you Arraygen!!

  Ph.D. Pharmacology & Toxicology
Dr. Madhuvanti Radkar

Overall the course improved my knowledge markedly very happy with course. Thank you Arraygen!!

Anshika Singh

Quality learning material.. knowledgeable and well-read staff.. thorough and in-depth material used.. helps with customized learning requirements as well.. hands-on training and latest tools/databases taught in accordance with publication requirements. Thank you

  Ph. D.
Soundararajan Nagaraj

Training was Very systematic and quality contents.Special thanks to all especially Rajesh Sir. Thank you for arranging it so well.!!

  B.Tech Bioinformatics, Karunya University,Coimbatore
Mhathesh TSR

Training Content is good quality and everything is perfect. I feel to get exposure of other tools also, and method is pretty simple and clean, Training is dam good, I can grasp it faster. Everything was completed on time. Thank you ArrayGen.

Satej Bhushan

Undertook training on RNAseq data analysis and found it very informative. Everyone in the staff is very helpful and well trained. Very adjusting and comfortable environment. Miles to go...Thank you ArrayGen.

  M.Sc. Biotechnology, Mumbai University
Jayashri Babaji Bhosale

The provision of all materials were so good. The experience of having training over here in NGS analysis was quite well nd good..Thank you ArrayGen.

  B.Tech in Biotechnology, Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University, Noida
Mr. Arkapratim Das

Good experience overall.Faculties are helpful and approachable.Cousre matter is adequete..

  B.Sc. in Biotechnology, Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University, Noida
Mansi Ujjainwal

The training quality was excellent.Well organised, I surely recommend Arraygen for training in Bioinformatics. Thank you!!!

  B.Tech in Biotechnology, Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University, Noida
Mr. Aman Jindal

The training was fantastic, had a hard time during the result time but I was helped by the faculties during the course. The founder and CEO, Mr. Rajesh sir is very generous and wants his students to learn the best of corporate world.

  B.Tech in Biotechnology, Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University, Noida
Mr. Anjay Sharma

The staff is quite good and it is an excellent learning experience. Thank you ArrayGen!!!

  B.Tech in Biotechnology, Manipal Institute od Technology, Manipal
Mr. Harshal Bhawe

I was there for a 6 month internship. They have good teachers and a great work environment. They helped me develop my skills in my field and prepare me for life as a working professional.

  M.Sc., Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
Mr. Harshal Vaijinath Dhondge

Learned advanced bioinformatics skills and softwares. Teaching faculty is well qualified and able to solve your every problem.

  Masters in Life Sciences,Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, Punjab
Aparajita Sinha

ArrayGen uses a very efficient method of training even for students without a background of Bioinformatics. Teachers are cooperative and highly skilled.


The facility is very good, great learning experience.The course material is well structured, easy to follow and understand for the beginners in bioinformatics. Thank you ArrayGen

  B.Tech, Shoodini University-Solan, Hiamachal Pradesh
Palak Mengi

Everyone is here are very good cooperative and supportive...Thank you ArrayGen

  M.Sc in Bioinformatics, Central University of Punjab
Sanjukta Dutta

The training procedure is very systematic and helpful.The tools are which are used are easy to understand.The training was completed perfect and well planed.

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