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We are extremely proud of the outstanding level of training we provide, the quality of our trainers and our diverse range of courses in Advance Bioinformatics, Microarray and Next generation sequencing for all Life Sciences. As proof of our success and in the search for continuous improvement we receive feedback from every delegate that takes part in our online/offline Bioinformatics Training course. Here you can read testimonials from our delegates about quality bioinformatics training.

  Libi Anandi

I attended the training for scRNA seq. The training was awesome. It really helped clearing up concepts right from the basics. The training enabled me to analyze my own experiments with great ease. All the trainers were exceptionally good! Highly recommend their training courses.

  Manisha Rout

I took short term bioinformatics course of 21 days, on DNA-seq. The personalized training was quite engaging and impactful. I appreciate how the trainers made sure I understand all the concepts of DNA sequencing and coding (Linux and python) without any prior knowledge. I highly recommend their training program.

  Anshika Saxena

I took the bioinformatics training of 1 month, and the team of teachers is very supportive. If one is wanted to learn NGS data analysis and bioinformatics should definitely choose arraygen.

  Suraj Rathod

I have taken training at ArrayGen for NGS data analysis (July-2022). Regarding staff are indeed excellent, knowledgeable and polite. They taught me for job and company-oriented skills, how to handle NGS data for analysis. Also, how to install, remove, created etc commands for Linux. After training I become independent to analysis NGS data and handle to Linux system. Even for beginner ArrayGen will make them knowledgeable in respective module for NGS data analysis. I highly recommend to others that they should take training from ArrayGen only. Thank you

  Gouri Nagarkar

I completed short term course of 21 days, on GWAS. The session timings were adjusted as per my scheduled. It was a personalized training and the team is very dedicated. They took lot of efforts in making me understand the concept. They helped me install the required software. The training has given me confidence in performing GWAS. I am highly grateful to the team and management of ArrayGen Technologies. I highly recommend this course.

  Zenobio Viana de Barros

Learning RNA-Seq analysis with ArrayGen was a really instructive experience! The instructors provided detailed explanations and discussions on all the topics, and the approach is the best: one-to-one learning process!

  Dr. Sandeep Mehra

Awesome. I have received DNA-Seq training from Arraygen. This is one of the best training I have received. Real genuine company. They provided one to one training using Linux and explained each and every step-in detail along with the basics. I will strongly recommend this to everyone looking to learn bioinformatics. Also, these guys were very helpful in arranging session according to our time. Thanks to the Rajesh Sir and his team for teaching me.

  Anand K

I took 15 Days DNASeq training with Arraygen. Dhanshree Mam, Chitra Mam, and Bhushan sir were great at explaining the concepts and making sure we understood the concepts. It was a lively one-to-one interaction class. Upon requesting they arranged an additional doubt clarification session which shows their commitment to students.
Highly Price worthy training!!
Wishing Arraygen and Team a huge success!!

  PhD Scholar

I am a PhD Scholar in Genetics and Plant breeding and I attended the 15 days custom training for advanced bioinformatics and NGS DNA seq analysis in Array gen Pvt ltd, Pune. I am fully satisfied with their training and each day I learned new things. Now I am able to analyze the DNA sequences independently in my laptop for small samples and for bulk samples with the help of server I can do it. don't attend 4 days 5 days’ workshop provided by other institutes it will not be useful to you, I came here only after attend so much small workshops. Finally, I got full knowledge at here only. Thank you

  Jampana Asharani

Training was good, as I took part in R/Bioconductor course which was very basic and practical oriented. Dr. Jyoti Rani was very experienced, helped me in doing things by myself with more exercises and practice sessions.

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