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Our VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS is an excellent medium
for learning to
build skills, synchronous discussion and demonstrate mistakes.


Group Workshop

Our workshop is designed by combining dynamic exercises, review question and required interaction.

Expert Faculty

Our trainers have a proven record of academic & industrial experience in bioinformatics of more than 11 Years.

Get Certified

Get certified from our renowned institute, complete the workshop and level up your career.

  Virtual Workshops
Virtual Workshops are the perfect way to ensure students, teachers and faculties to receive the vital skills they need to succeed. Workshop allow learners to get trained at affordable price and flexible learning .
This workshop training is highly interactive and hands on. Universities, institutes, students or anyone from bioinformatics and biology background can apply for this workshop.

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  • Learn best practices for optimal results.
  • Get guidance on each step of the workflow
  • Generates an unbiased view of the data analysed.
  • To enhance the generation of data from low-abundance species.
  • Hands-on training with expert instructors, online course to fit your schedule
  • To provide complete hands-on-workshop in the basic tools and techniques


More than 2000+ candidates have taken this Virtual Workshop and have successfully build their career in Bioinformatics.

Hurry up and register soon...To become expert in Bioinformatics !

Topics :

• Introduction to Bioinformatics
• Understanding Genomics Bioinformatics
• Databases & tools (NCBI, UCSC, BLAST, BLAT etc)
• Gene Prediction
• Genome Annotation
• Biological Functional Annotation
• Genome Visualization
• Hands on practical for Perl / Python / Java programming
• Unix based commands for NGS data analysis

• Reference Based RNA Seq Data Analysis
• Denovo Based RNA Seq Data Analysis
• ScRNA Seq Data Analysis
• ATAC Seq Data Analysis
• lncRNA Seq Data Analysis
• DNA Seq Data Analysis
• Chip Seq Data Analysis
• Methyl Seq Data Analysis
• miRNA Seq Data Analysis
• Whole Genome de novo Assembly Data Analysis
• Targeted Metagenomics Data Analysis
• Whole Genome Metagenomics Data Analysis
• Meta transcriptomics Data Analysis
• Psi Seq Data Analysis

• Microarray techniques detailed understanding
• Microarray chip designing
• Introduction & Hands on practical on R for microarray data analysis
• Quality control & Normalization
• Differential Expressed Genes(Upregulated & Downregulated)
• Pathway & Gene Ontology Enrichment Analysis
• Pathway Network analysis using string DB(PPI) & Cystoscope
• Pathway Network Analysis using KEGG Mapper tool for all DEG genes
• Different plots (Heatmap, volcano plot etc) using R

• Ligand Based Drug Design (Pharmacophore design)
• Structure based Drug Design (target-ligand docking)
• Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulation

• Advanced Bioinformatics
• Insilco Validation of wild type vs Mutant

• Advanced Bioinformatics
• Crispr cas 9 for gene editing in cells

• R
• Perl Bioperl
• Python Biopython

Delivering workshops at world's leading universities, colleges and institutes

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Workshop will help you learn fundamentals of bioinformatics that are essential for achieving excellence in field of bioinformatics.

If you want to conduct a Seminar or Workshop or short-term Training in Bioinformatics, Bio-IT, Next Generation Sequencing, Genomics, etc. at your College/ University/ Conference then feel free to write to us at

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